Field Service & Shop Repair

Field Service Technicians and In-Shop Repair

Contact for Service +1 (903) 297-0199

When you have equipment that needs repair, you can count on accurate troubleshooting and repairs. Mid South will send out field service technicans and if they can't repair it on-site can bring it back to our shop. 

While major engine repairs will require a visit to one of our facilities, our field service technicians can handle minor to moderate repairs and have your engine back in service quickly. 

Field Service

-  Dispatched Heavy Duty Trucks 

- Equipped with cranes, air compressors, cutting equipment and tooling to complete any job. 

- Trained technicians with the latest electronic technology 

- Repairs to maximize your machine uptime

Shop Service

If your downed machine requires a more comprehensive repair, our Machine-Shop technicians are equipped to complete the job. 

- Large indoor work bays, additional lifting/moving capacity, testing equipment and in-house resources

- State-of-the-art facility, in-house machine shop, and internal parts department 

- Everything we need to service your engine under one roof